Led by our design philosophy, Printing & Package-Making Integrative Service

With unique design, fine production, combined with our packaging design and production in the rich experience,
use our unique "permanent" "life" mode to assist customer's innovating brands while actual effect plan and attentive service for creating benefits.
Set up the service system from pre-printing, print production and after-printing processing to provide the efficient,
fast and convenient service for customers with qualified product.

design print bag

To ensure product quality meet the standards, our company equipped appropriate professional testing equipment,
the physical and chemical properties of the product were tested.
Moreover, we regularly send samples to detect the relevant agencies to ensure accuracy stability of product quality variety of test results.

  • 剥离试验机 Stripping test Machine

    Detection of flexible packaging material at an angle on the peel strength.

  • 气相色谱分析仪 Gas Chromatograph Analyzer

    Detection purity solvents and solvent residue finished packaging film.

  • 热封试验仪 Heat Seal Tester

    Flexible packaging materials sealing test at a set temperature, pressure and time.

  • 抗摆锤冲击测定仪 Pendulum impact tester

    For plastic film, sheet, composite film anti-pendulum impact performance testing.

  • 拉力测试机 Tensile testing machine

    Mechanical properties of tensile testing of plastic film, tearing, peeling.

  • 产品范畴
  • three-layer composite

    good sealing, barrier properties,Product retention time length

    suitable for high-grade food, powdered milk, instant coffee, cosmetics, a wide range of packaging.

  • Cooler Bag

    good sealing performance,Should be refrigerated, frozen

    suitable for dumplings, buns, dumplings.

  • Layer Composite

    good sealing performance,Transparency

    Fruits adapt to a wide candy, roasted seeds and nuts, milk, packaging range.

  • Frosted Bags

    good sealing, barrier performance, long product shelf time

    adapted to the preserved fruits, wide high-grade food, milk powder, roasted seeds and nuts, packaging range.

  • self zipper bag / zipper bag

    sealed, good barrier property, nice, save, easy to use

    for powder, granules, gel, paste and other items, a wide range of packaging.

  • vacuum

    vacuum preservation, excellent sealing performance

    suitable for cooked food, pickles, soy products and so on.

  • cooking bags

    vacuum preservation, high temperature, suitable for cooking, boiling, excellent sealing performance

    suitable for cooked food, pickles, soy products, and other fluids.

  • fervent ziplock

    easy to use, economical packaging

    suitable for food, daily necessities, textiles, footwear, etc., a wide range.

  • reel labeled

    high efficiency, long product holding time

    adapt all types candy, Liangguo, solid drinks, ice cream, milk, chocolate milk, instant coffee, cosmetics.

  • Shrink Film

    Shrink strong, good finish

    suitable for pure water, fruit juice beverages, cosmetics and other bottled products

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